Passed Out Where? In A What? With A Who?

Last Updated on: 30th April 2014, 10:44 am

  • A dude breaks into a garage,
  • then gets scared off to a neighbour’s garage,
  • where he steals a mountain bike, a lawn mower, a stuffed toy and a blanket,
  • returns to the first garage,
  • and is found two hours later
  • passed out in a boat
  • with his pants down
  • next to the now anatomically correct stolen stuffed dog?

What the? Some stuff is just too funny. I first read this, thought this wasn’t bloggable, but couldn’t stop laughing, showed it to Steve, and we both couldn’t stop laughing. Ok, ok, it’s going up here. I think this rivals our bongo drum Teddie-bear shrine-creating burglar of last November.

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