It’s Not Me, Eh, Sir!

Last Updated on: 19th September 2014, 11:56 am

Wow. This is just dumb. Police are looking for Anthony Johnson, a black dude. Somehow, they get his license number mixed up with that of Andrew Johnson, a white dude, and Andrew Johnson gets grabbed.

He’s released, but his license is suspended until he can prove that he isn’t Anthony Johnson! Hellooo! How hard is it for the police to just realize it’s an oops? In the meantime, the guy can’t drive anywhere, and has to be driven by his mom.

Here’s something else equally scary. The police department has an entire “it’s not me” unit to deal with mistaken identity cases, and this unit usually takes 3 weeks to fix a mistake. Christ! How many mistaken identity cases are we dealing with here?

I’m still amazed that they consider the burden of proof in the case of a mistaken identity to fall on the victim. In this particular mistaken identity, the one they want is black, the guy they got is white. Can’t they bend the rules a little and just clear the poor innocent guy?

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