You Rang? Yes, You Definitely Rang

Florin Constantin thought he had come up with a pretty good plan. Wearing some custom-made leggings under his pants, he headed out to the Waterfront bar in Norwich, England and proceeded to stuff them full of cell phones belonging to the pub’s customers. Not bad, right? Well yes, aside from one not so small detail that he apparently failed to consider.

When you can’t find your phone, what’s one of the first things you do? If you said find another phone and call it, congratulations, you think like me. You also, much to the dismay of our friend Florin here, think like a lot of people who visit the Waterfront Bar in Norwich, England.

And so it was that Constantin’s pants began constantly ringing.
Staff at the bar had already been alerted by victims of these thefts. So when they saw — and, more importantly, heard — a man whose pants played tunes of various descriptions, they quickly figured out who the alleged culprit might be.

He was sentenced to three months in jail, where he’ll have plenty of time to perhaps work on his people watching skills.

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