Ever Heard The Term "Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover?"

Last Updated on: 21st January 2014, 06:29 pm

Ug. I have few words for this story, only that people can’t read, or think anymore.

If you saw a book with a picture of a family on the cover, with the following words below it:
“A Family Affair: BTC is the perfect fit for the White family.” what would you think? would it be….
a. The family’s last name is White. Ya know, the White family, like the Smith family, or the Jones family.
B. That’s a little weird, but more reading is in order before jumping to conclusions.
c. you should be offended at this display of racism and call and write immediately.

It’s sad, because apparently, a lot of people decided to go with choice C. Guess what? It was about the family of James and Casey White, and if these outraged readers had managed to read 3 pages into the book, they would have discovered that.

Now, the school is tripping all over itself and feeling all bad. Come on! We’re talking about a school! What a perfect opportunity for them to teach people to read and think! Why should they cave and start apologizing? They did nothing wrong. They should stand up, say so, and make the people who got all mad look like the idiots they are.

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