One Can’t Live On Power Of Prayer alone

Last Updated on: 5th June 2013, 06:48 am

Arg. I must channel the anger I’m feeling before I say something I regret.

You know the whole thing I posted about Holly? Well, she and I are on a mailing list together. This mailing list always acts like they’re one big family. Well, when she posted her news, blog, and request for help, all people said they would send were prayers.

Prayers? I think they can do more than send prayers. How about donating a little cash? How about networking with friends or others at the churches they attend to see if someone knows someone who might know something useful to her? Prayers are not going to make $60000 appear. Action, on the other hand, is.

It just burns my butt. We’re a big group of people. If we all gave just a few bucks, it would be a hel of a lot more helpful than prayers. It just goes to show that a lot of people are all talk. They say they’ll be there for their friends, but when someone needs something, they sit back and fold their hands in prayer. When I was a baby struggling for life, I think my mom got a lot of prayer and no actual help. She had two other kids to worry about while she visited me in the hospital. Did anyone in the neighbourhood offer to babysit? Nope. They prayed. Did anyone drive her to those appointments? One really good neighbour did, but none of the church-goers pitched in. You know where that got her? She felt alienated from the church and never went back.

This isn’t to say I don’t think prayer is a good thing. I personally don’t pray, but if that’s what helps someone through, go ahead. Just do some constructive action along with your praying. Did all these people who pray ever stop to think that the reason prayer might work is someone actually does what you’re praying for? How about you be that someone?

And before someone tells me to shut up until I’ve done something, I have. It’s small, but it’s something. I gave her a few bucks. I put up a blog post. I told some other people who might know some other people who might be able to help. I’m not saying I’m a hero or anything, I’m just saying that it’s not that hard to do more than pray. If all these people care about this situation as much as they appear, they should show it! Now is the time to band together and do something!

Ok, I think I’m less angry. But if one more person says they’re going to offer only their prayers…

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