Text To Pee

Last Updated on: 16th January 2017, 02:25 pm

Oh god. I’m laughing too hard to explain what I’m laughing at. I’ll try. I’m invisioning my mom and dad driving down the road. Suddenly, mom says she needs to use the bathroom. They see a place where they can use a washroom, but all it is is a locked toilet. Mom’s happy. She gets out, looks at it, and sees that in order for the door to open, you have to text the word “open” to a number! Her cell phone doesn’t do text messages.

Let’s hope mom and dad never travel to Finland, because that’s exactly what would happen. They’re all worried about vandalism, and that’s why they’ve instituted this. Now, they’ll have to worry about deluges of human urine and feces outside the door. Ug.

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