She Wubba Wubba Wuvs It!

Last Updated on: 25th October 2016, 08:25 am

Yea! Heehee! I just found the coolest toy for the Trixter! It squeaks, but it’s difficult to murder! Wanna try, Trix, wanna? You have work to do. Everybody who has a power chewer dog but wants to give them a squeaky toy, get them a Cong Wubba! It has a squeaker which is inside a cong which is inside some material that has tails on it so you can tug, they can grab the tails and fling it, and they can squeaky squeaky squeeze it! I bought it at the local toy store, and as soon as I squeaked it, she ran for it! I’ve been wanting to get her something that squeaks ever since she did enjoy the squeaky doughnut…for its short, pitiful life. And I’ve found it. She chewed on it, ran with it, squeaksqueaksqueaked it, and it is only wet. There isn’t a single chew mark in it.

Oh boy, Trix, your toy box keeps getting heavier and heavier. And here I was the one who laughed at people who kept buying toys for their dogs. I remember thinking “Oh god! When I get this dog, I’m going to have so much preparing to do. I’m going to have to buy so much stuff. Before I went for Babs, I talked to some handlers. They told me about all the stuff I should have on hand for when she arrives. I remember getting off the phone, and shaking. I couldn’t stop shaking. I emailed Steve the biggest stream of consciousness-style message about how much stuff I needed, and this was like having a baby! Now I just keep finding stuff, and it’s fun!So Trix, enjoy your wubba wubba wubba!

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