Something Tells Me This Isn’t One Of His Better Cases

Last Updated on: 26th September 2018, 10:54 am

Listening to the defense lawyer, Jason Grey, talk in this story makes me dizzy. Come get dizzy with me.

We have an odd story about Manuel Balbin allegedly torturing a teenager who he thought stole his Playstation. That was weird enough, but then his lawyer opened his mouth. He didn’t start off wonderfully by saying that the words are worth nothing because they are the words of a gang member. He quickly followed this up by saying that his client was not a member of a gang, even though he has gang insignia tattooed on his shoulder. His final confusing statement was that this whole rigmarole wasn’t torture, but a gang initiation. But Mr. Grey, how can your client be part of a gang initiation if he’s not a member of any gang?

Listen, buddy, other people have already been convicted. Maybe you should just say he’s nuts, his street name is insane after all, and try and convince the judge he needs help. This method isn’t working.

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