Too Smart for Her Own Good

Last Updated on: 30th July 2019, 09:55 pm

This is so stupid, it’s beyond stupid. Anjali Datta is very smart. She’s so smart that she made it through high school in only 3 years. But she can’t be valedictorian, and therefore cannot have access to the college scholarship given to the valedictorian because policy strictly states that only students who have done high school in four years are eligible. So a guy whose GPA is considerably lower by comparison is getting it just because he has the highest average of those who did high school in four years.

How stupid. I know that policy is in place so people can’t come in from out of state at the last minute, have an awesome grade that year and then take the scholarship from someone who was there all along, but this case is different. She was there the whole time. It especially hurts because she asked if graduating early would have affectedher status, and a guidance counselor said no.

What really sucks is what the family of the teen who won the scholarship said. It was in this article, but the damn site is trying to force me to register for the paper and not showing me the article. If it works for you, awesome. Basically the family said the other kid obviously deserved it, but this was the right solution. Uh, how about leaving it at the fact that the other kid deserved it. The only reason they’re saying it was the right solution is because their son is winning it instead of her. If the shoe was on the other foot, they’d have been screaming blue murder about it.

Hopefully the school district comes to its senses and amends the policy. Otherwise, like Anjali Datta says, nobody will want to try as hard as they can because they might do too well.

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