I’m In The Mood For Food! Oh Bother! There’s No More Food Here!

Last Updated on: 27th January 2017, 09:12 pm

Let’s add Lynne Gravier to the list of stupid people feeding bears. I think next time I go to a casino, I want to take this woman with me. She has been feeding bears for 25 years, even letting them into her house, and she did not become a yummy feast. Also, no neighbours have been feasted upon. This is only because she is extremely, extremely lucky.

Everybody in her neighbourhood had better be careful now, because she has been ordered not to feed the bears. They’re going to start looking for more human food wherever they can get it.

People need to realize they’re not helping animals by feeding them. They’re actually hurting them by making it more likely they’ll be shot, and killing their wild instincts so they can’t survive on their own.

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