Whose Day?

Last Updated on: 21st February 2014, 03:38 pm

Hey. Here’s a message to all the Scottish teachers who decided to ban Father’s Day Card-making in their schools because some kids don’t have daddy and they’ll feel left out. You can’t shield them from father’s day. It’s freaking everywhere. Won’t it be even more obvious to little Johnny that his classmates are not being allowed to make cards, and it’s all because he doesn’t have a dad to give a card to? Even if it’s more than just little Johnny who doesn’t have a dad, kids think of themselves as the centre of the universe. They’ll think it’s all because of them. Isn’t that worse than letting things go on as normal? Maybe little Johnny could make something else instead! This is so dumb, especially since Mother’s day is still acknowledged. What about little Suzy who doesn’t have a mom. It happens.

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