Yup, I’m a big loser and actually own the Barenaked Ladies Kids Album called Snacktime. I heard they were trying to do an album that both kids and adults could enjoy, and I wanted to see if they could do it. I think they’ve succeeded. I guess I’ll just go song by song.

7 8 9: I get this damn song in my head without even trying. I think it’s cute. I could see dad singing this to us when we were little. It reminds me of this dumb game my brother and sister used to play where One would say “I 1 the sandbox,” the other would say “I 2 the sandbox,” then “I 3 the sandbox,” until one of them said “I 8 the sandbox.” which would be followed by “You ate the sandbox?” Yup, dumb, but somehow it made them laugh every time.

The Ninjas: What the hell? I don’t even know. It’s really short, really wacky, but hey, it’s a kids’ album, so whatever.

Polywog In A Bog: Here’s another one that drifts through my head. It doesn’t really get stuck there, it just sort of comes and goes. Hey, maybe kids’ll learn a little something about frogs.

Raisins: Ok, this one doesn’t get stuck in my head, it takes up residence there. I think I have almost the whole thing memorized. It’s weird, but catchy.

Eraser: Yeah, it’s a kids’ song. It would probably at least make me chuckle.

I Can Sing: I could see this one being a good sing-along song. It ends before you know what hit you.

Louis Loon: This one was just kind of there.

Food Party: This one made me laugh and I thought it was a cool idea. What’s with the scottish guy? And…what’s with the guy at the end that seems to be butchering words and I think is supposed to be a parody of some dude from CBC Radio? Obviously I don’t listen to enough CBC Radio to get the joke.

Snacktime: It’s pretty cute, and you even get to learn what Gordon Lightfoot’s favourite snack is!

Popcorn: It’s just faster and faster popping as if you were making popcorn. Kids would probably find it fun.

Vegetable Town: Yawn. I couldn’t even focus on it. Oh well, ya can’t win ’em all.

Drawing: It was cute. I would probably catch myself grooving to it, even though I wouldn’t consciously sit there listening to it.

Humungous Tree: I guess every kids’ album has to have their environmental feel-good song on it. As those go, this one’s pretty cool.

My Big Sister: This one just made me laugh. I think every little boy with a big sister would totally get that song.

Allergies: Damn it! Can this song piss off and leave my head? In a way this song makes me sad because it’s a sad statement about how many people have allergies these days. Or maybe I’m thinking too much.

I Don’t Like: This song sounds to me sort of like “If I had A Million Dollars” Jr. the way they talk back and forth. It’s full of grown-up jokes and stuff.

What A Wild Tune: I really liked this song, I just wish they’d done more with it, because I thought it had lots of potential. Making kids realize that things that aren’t technically musical actually are is a cool idea.

Bad Day: Am I an evil person for thinking it’s hilarious that Steven Page is singing about bad days right now? Yes, yes, yes I am. Even if I didn’t find that funny, I thought the song was pretty cute.

Things: Just a cute, short, sappy song.

Curious: Another one for the ok, it’s a kids’ song, but it’s tolerable category. It does have a lot of big words in it, which is cool. And speaking of big words…

A Word For That: This is another song that gets stuck in my head. I think it’s really cute. He describes something and says “there’s a word for that.” and a kid tells you what the word is. I learned two new words. I do have one question. When was a uvula ever in cartoons? Am I stupid?

Wishing: Yawn. Can we repeat ourselves any more often? I don’t think so.

Crazy A B C’s: I love this song. This one also reminds me of “If I Had A Million Dollars.” It basically points out all the stupid words that start with letters that they shouldn’t. Aisle, hour, pneumonia anyone? It gets stuck in my head too.

Here Come The Geese: It’s a weird way to end an album, but it’s kinda cool. Am I the only one who finds this guy’s voice kinda creepy? I think that’s Kevin. This song should be boring, but for some uncanny reason, it’s holding my attention. It did make me laugh, making Rush references and telling me to watch under my feet, I would assume for goose poop.

And that’s the album, kids. If I had kids, I wouldn’t mind if they wanted to listen to the album over and over and over again. I also wouldn’t be surprised if when they got older, they realized how much they didn’t understand.

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