Beware The Lessons You’re Teaching Your Kids

I heard something last night that made me mad. Well, more sad than mad. I ran into a neighbour while she was walking her dog. We got talking about the dog, and how she likes to stand in their apartment with her nose to the doorjamb and sniff…sniff…sniff when we go by. She says her dog’s deaf, which is kinda cool because she doesn’t hear stuff so she doesn’t bark as much. I asked her how long she’d had the dog and she said she’d only had her since November, had adopted her from the Humane society. I asked her how old the dog was, and she said she was 7, and had a difficult history. First she was a stray, then she was brought in and adopted by a family, who returned her six months later because she was deaf, and when they figured that out, they didn’t want her anymore.

First off, what kind of people are these? They take in a dog, an animal that only gives them unconditional love, and because something is wrong with it, they reject it. What a nice family. Second, what message is that giving to their kids? People and animals with disabilities are unwanted and should be rejected at the first opportunity. Excellent parenting skills. Give those folks a medal!

The one thing they did right was they didn’t euthenize the poor thing. It wouldn’t surprise me if they wanted to, but probably thought it would cost less to return her to the shelter.

I’m just glad the poor thing seems to have found a good home now, whether or not her eyes, ears, or any other part of her is fully functional. By the looks of it, that family passed up a really good dog.

But they might want to think about what they’ve taught their kids. Maybe they should read this little tale and think about it long and hard.

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