Some Ramblings – Part of Which Makes Me Feel Old

Last Updated on: 29th October 2015, 03:02 pm

I’m at a serious loss for music right now. Part of this is due to the fact that I had a fire at my place a month or so back and still haven’t gotten my iPod back from the company who took the electronics to clean them. But mainly just because nothing has struck me lately.

Back in the day, I was really hard in to Punk Rock. Stuff like Anti-Flag, Pennywise, Rancid and bands like that… but recently I have lost a lot of interest in much of their new stuff. I still, on occasion, will go back and get in to the old stuff… but the newer things aren’t striking my interest, nor is any of the newer, heavier punk stuff that has come out.

Anti-Flag for a long time was my favourite band but the last album or two have just not done it for me… In fact, the last one I bought I’ve only listened to twice and haven’t put it on again.

Last year I got really in to Authority Zero and Rise Against and some Against Me! – but that’s it…

Right now if asked what my favourite band is, I’d like say the Tragically HIp. but it’s not like they’re putting out new stuff all the time and I’m more just in to a lot of their older stuff too.

Am I getting old or is much of the new music really just not as good lately? There’s something to be said for the fact that as you get older you lose some of that teen angst and stuff – but it’s odd just how often my mood now actually makes me not want to hear something really loud. I find I’m more in to listening to the accoustic album the Foo Fighters put out. I don’t say that to say that there’s anything wrong with the Foo’s – but that was never my deal before. Maybe I really am just getting older.

I used to really like rock radio stations like Edge 102 and now it’s so weak! For one thing I have a serious problem with bands like Coldplay being on rock radio when I don’t see them as rock at all. The term “rock” has become so broad that it’s impossible to please people on a radio station. You now need a classic rock, a hard rock, and an alternative rock station in just a medium sized market. Alternative rock used to basically mean punk or goth or just stuff that was creepy. Now there’s so many different styles out there that don’t fit in to any other category that they just call it Alternative and to be honest with you – I couldn’t even listen to an alternative station because in one set I could hear Theory of a Deadman, Coldplay, Alexisonfire and U2. Who does that please? Does a hardcore U2 fan stand much chance of like Alesix? Or vise versa?

Stuff like Much/MTV is worse. They spend far more of their day on things that don’t even relate to music and then when they do play a video it’s the same 15 they played the day before. Wow, Rihanna’s at number one for the 104th straight week, eh? Awesome!

Where do you turn to find new, GOOD music these days? I feel like I’m drowling in a pool of just awful music. To further my point, on my hard drive I have 45 songs from 2006-2008. I have 982 from 2000-2006 and over a thousand from before 2000. The mat doesn’t add up.

Oh, I should mention that in college I fell in love with Bedouin Soundclash and Ill Scarlett but they just missed that 06 mark so they didn’t help pad that 06-08 timeframe but I do check out their new stuff.

On that note – you should all find the song Santa Monica by Bedouin. It’s a rare gem but you’ll love it if you’re able to find it.

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