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Last Updated on: 4th March 2014, 09:48 am

Wow. Here’s another reason why I love blogging. the other day, I talked about the Next Generation Perkins Brailler, and wondered how some features worked. Well, I got a response! Thanks to Google Alerts, a lady who works for Perkins saw my post, and answered my questions! Isn’t the internet wonderful? Here’s what she said, for all to see.

Hey guys, I got alerted to this through a Google Blog alert. Just want to answer the question that was raised. The Easy Erase button is really cool – you braille along, realize that you made a mistake, backspace 2 cells and press a small button that is next to the carriage head that made the braille dots. It depresses the entire cell and you can braille over it.

There is a video on our website that explains it and all the other features.

Also, the song is by Raul Midon, an internationally known songwriter, who is blind himself, and was one of the first to see the brailler. He is amazing! I use the song as my ringtone since it is so catchy (ringtones are available for download in addition to the song). Let me know what you think!


Laura Matz
Perkins Products

Yeah, I totally agree the song is catchy. There’s a video? Ooo! I’m off to find it! I found it! I warn ya, it’s a quicktime movie, so if ya don’t have quicktime, you’re out of luck. I had to download the thing because if I didn’t, I would get no audio, and it’s been cutting in and out, not even coming back at the right spot. I don’t know if that’s a me problem or a video problem, but have fun.

and just so everyone else can hum the next generation into the next generation, start singing’! And if you’re really into it, the song page has details on how you can get it as a ringtone.

So there we go. I don’t know how I missed the video, but thank you Laura Matz for finding us and bringing it to my attention.

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