For The Love Of god, Don’t Let This Email Reach Florida!

Last Updated on: 10th November 2013, 12:03 pm

Ug. Here’s another episode of “we’re so dumb, we can’t see through a joke.”

apparently, there’s an email going around that is claiming that the U.S. voter turnout will be so ungodly high that voting needs to be split down the middle, with those voting republican coming to the polls on November 4, and those voting for democrats showing up a day later. the email says they’re amazed that it hasn’t been covered much in the media, but they’re sure it will be soon.

Hellooo! In case it isn’t obvious to anyone with at least a few neurons firing, don’t follow these directions. Do you actually think they can predict voter turnout? If they could, it would probably be on the low side. It should have been high in 2004, but oh no, it wasn’t.

And, if you’re supposed to show up on a certain day if voting for a certain party, um, what happened to the anonymity of voting? It’s gone, gone gone gone. Somehow I don’t think such a system would be brought into existence.

Of course, anyone who follows those instructions won’t be voting for anyone because they will have missed election day. Just so we’re clear, if you’re American, vote on November 4 or earlier, don’t vote later, got it?

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