What Are You Doing, You Fuels! That’s Not A Safeway To Carry That!

Even after all these years, there are still times when I think to myself that if I see anything dumber than this today, I’ll be surprised. This is one of them.

A man in Phoenix, Arizona, was taken to the hospital with serious burns after being found near a car that was also on fire. A friend of the victim, who was also burned but not as badly, told police that the car was his, and that it had been stolen by someone who had burned him with something before taking off. His friend had witnessed the theft and jumped in his own car to follow. When the “robbery victim” caught up with them, he found that his pal and his car were both on fire.

However, when police talked to witnesses, the story started to unravel. Those witnesses did mention a third man, but that man didn’t sound at all like the one who had supposedly taken and torched the car. And so it was that they talked to the “robbery victim” again and the truth finally emerged.

Police later found out the victim had asked his two friends to get gasoline since one of their cars was empty. The men filled several plastic grocery bags with gasoline before loading them into their car. They then picked up the victim and drove where the second vehicle was parked. However, before they arrived, the bags of gasoline ignited with the three men inside the car, causing the vehicle to erupt in flames.

You know, if I had to admit that two of my buddies and I weren’t smart enough not to set ourselves on fire by driving around with grocery bags full of fuel, I might try the fake car theft route too.

Seriously, grocery bags?

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