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Last Updated on: 13th January 2017, 02:00 pm

Here’s another pile of stuff about Trixie that I’ve been meaning to write down for a while.

the other day, I had to bring Trixie with me while I moved the laundry from the washer to the dryer, and this event made me think about bringing her with me when I do the wash. I never do because I’m already restling with a cart and I never brought my cane to do laundry, so why would I bring the poor dog down for a seemingly purposeless errand, at least to her? But this made me reconsider.

Even bringing her into the laundry room was an amusing sight. I was using 3 machines, and they weren’t all next to each other. Without being told anything, she marched me to the first machine I’d used, sniffed it, walked past the machine that didn’t have our stuff in it, walked to the next machine that had our stuff in it, sniffed it, and then walked to the next machine that had her dog beds in it, and sniffed it like mad. I laughed and had to give her a hug. Then I put her in asit stay and started moving the stuff. At one point, she started getting agitated, har har that I would use the word agitated while talking about something that happened near a washing machine. But anyway, she didn’t seem to want to stay. I told her to stay, and then I looked at where her nose was pointing! where was it pointing? At a sock that I dropped. How awesome! I need to figure out how to capitalize on this without driving up her desire to sniff the floor in non-laundry situations.

Man, I’m so happy this winter has not been nearly as painful as last winter for a few reasons. I didn’t have to figure out what worked, winter wasn’t a complete foreign concept to her, and it’s not been nearly so snow-laiden as last winter. It’s had its cold snaps, but nothing like the crazy snow that we got last year. Hell, the snowbanks were up to my arms! I know I’m short, but that’s high!

Even so, I’ve noticed something weird this year with the Mushers’ Secret. It still works, but doesn’t seem to be working quite as well. I’ve had a couple instances where she yeeeped when she hit a certain patch, even though I put it on. Has anyone seen anything about long-term storage? Cool dry places? Anything like that? I took the container to the vet’s office and asked them if it said anything and they said no. I’ve wondered if it may have degraded a bit because it’s in apaint can and once you’ve cracked it open, it doesn’t have a real good seal. the smaller containers come in tubs that you can close more completely. I’ve bought a container that I’m going to put the new can of mushers’ in, and hopefully since it actually has a lid that you snap on, it will keep air out more. Ah hell, if it doesn’t work, I’ve only spent a buck. Maybe the difference is the sheer extreme cold we’ve had this year. Maybe she’s yeeeping because of the temperature and not the salt.

I’ve noticed a difference in when she chooses to protest this year. If something hurt last year, it didn’t matter how close we were to an entrance, she would stop, hold up the paw, kick and scream. Now, if she knows the end of the cold ickiness is near, she’ll tough it out until we can get inside and thenI can wipe her paw in the warmth. Smart dog.

I had another way cool guide dog moment the other day. We were walking to the drugstore on what passed for a sidewalk. It didn’t pass very well. So, I just went on autopilot. As long as things still sounded right, then I’d just let her walk until she stopped at a place that we went to a lot. She did stop, and it felt like the right spot. so I said go left. Then I got all disoriented because of the snow. Since this was a parking lot we were turning into, I really didn’t want to get lost in there, so I kept going back to the sidewalk to check. That’s when she got mad. that little dog voice loudly pronounced “Ok that’s it. You obviously don’t have clue 1. I do. You’re coming this way and you’re gonna damn well like it.” She dragged me forceably…up onto the plaza I wanted! Let’s just say she got a lot of praise, a whole lot.

Remember when I said that her post-route flop snort routine had ceased? Well, it has returned in a new form. If we’ve had a long or stressful trip, when we get back to the rlieving area, she will start frantically rolling in the snow. Or, she’ll pounce on it as if it’s a moving, living, breathing animal. She’ll freeze, then leap forward and puff at it. God damn I wish I could capture some of those moments on video.

I really hate running with Trix on the flexi in the winter. If it’s too icy, it’s a definite no go. Even if it’s just fluffy snow, She can’t run full tilt because then I fall down. I hate having no fense. I’d love to let her go free. I may have a chance to do that if a neighbour and I and her dog team up so the dogs can have some fun together.

did I ever talk about how Trixie gets all silly if Steve and I are just sort of joking around? Sometimes, he’ll make it look like he’s pulling me somewhere. He’ll walk backwards and have a hold of me so it looks like he’s pulling me. she’ll run after us and try to lick both of us. It’s halarious. She’ll also try and sstand in the middle of us if we’re hugging. It’s like she’s saying “Group hug! group hug!” She doesn’t try to separate us. She just wants some lovin’ too. Or, if I go over to sit with Steve, she has to get right in there with us. we’ll be sitting on the couch and she’ll come over and sit on the floor smack right in front of both of us. Silly dog, is she trying to chaperone us or something?

I’ve also noticed that her tail will wag faster and faster right before she’s about to do something she shouldn’t, like, oh, say, lick Steve’s balls or go for something she shouldn’t. It’s hilarious to watch the tail speed up, speed up, speed up, and then…wammo! Busted!

I never thought I would have to give vet techs lessons on how to make a dog heel, butI think I’m going to have to. Ever since I noticed she was kind of dragging them around, which made me worried for their safety, I’ve realized she thinks the rules have changed when I hand them the leash to take her to the back. I think next time I’m going to go back with them and show them how to give her a correction back to heel and how to consistently tell her that nope, they know the same rules. It looks like it’s getting out of hand. I would have thought they would have known things like this. Oh well, we’ll fix it.

I think that’s about it in Trixie-land. good old trix is always good for a story or two, or six.

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