The Doctor Is In?

Ok, here’s another theme to follow. There has been a whole pile of people that I’ve seen recently get busted for pretending to be a doctor when they’re not. What’s up with that? A better question is what’s up with people thinking these fakes are doctors when there are obvious signs that maybe they’re not so on the up and up.

A while ago I mentioned those folks conducting cosmetic surgeries in a dirty house. Now I’ve heard about a woman giving some kind of cosmetic butt injections in her home that ended up injuring the recipients because she wasn’t injecting what she said she was. Then there’s Stanley bitely who was selling pills and giving shots out of a truck. Our latest is Jack Readnour, who set up a clinic in a Holiday Inn Express meeting room where he performed immunizations, mammograms and colonoscopies, but…he doesn’t have a medical license, nor has he ever had one. Are doctors really that scarce? Are people really not that discerning about who gives them medical care? Eek.

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