They Always Say Write About What You Know…

Last Updated on: 28th March 2017, 12:01 pm

I know when I was a kid, I wrote some weird stories. We found some of them later on and man they went all over the place, jumping from a story about when dad hit a skunk while driving home one night and how much the car stunk, to the fact that I had a mean brother who like to bug me and bug me and bug me. I’m sure teachers read some pretty wacky stuff. But I don’t think this teacher was expecting to read an essay from one little guy entitled “the Painful Afternoon My Dad Shot Me With A BB Gun. Apparently the little guy wouldn’t get out of the way of the TV, so dad just happened to be holding aBB gun, so he lined up it’s laser sight…what? A BB gun with a laser sight? That’s what the story says. He lined up the beam on the kid’s left rear pocket because he thought it would be more padded, and shot him.

The teacher did the right thing and submitted the essay to police, and dad is facing child abuse charges…again. I just hope the poor little guy doesn’t blame himself for the resulting upheaval, and I hope the rest of his family is decent, although a synical part of me has its doubts.

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