Too politically correct? Na! Never!

Last Updated on: 27th September 2013, 02:23 pm

Ok, today I saw something that made me just go, “Huh?” I was surfing around and I was looking at a site for one of the guide dog schools, and I saw a link that said, career change dogs. That was just one of those statements that makes your head spin and if you don’t get it explained right quick, you might cause a blood vessel to burst from the strain of trying to discern what the fuck that could possibly mean. Is a career change dog a dog that didn’t make it into the guide dog stuff so is now a hearing ear dog? Is a career change dog a dog that somehow helps someone deal with a career change? Those two, although weird, make sense. But no no no. Things can never be simple in this world.

Get ready for this. A career change dog is a dog that doesn’t make the grade as a guide dog either for physical or mental reasons. So they’re selling them to the general public for 600 bucks or you can apply to help out in the career change dog program. So, face it dudes, you’re giving out glorified pets! Pets! that’s what they are. They’re not career change dogs, they’re rejects. Don’t worry, dogs can’t read, you won’t hurt their feelings, call it what it is! That’s just one way that we have too much political correctness around. I’d like to meet the brain surgeon who came up with that slogan. Then maybe I’ll tell him he’s a career change person. Let him think on that one, see how he feels.

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