That’s Not A Barstool!

Last Updated on: 12th June 2018, 09:05 am

Ann Adams managed to find a video of the motorized barstool. thank you, Ann, you rock.

As a very large aside, does anyone know who does this big comedy skit about Ikea and how you can never find your way out and if you took out a compass, you’d go nuts because there’s no north, and when you cry that you’d like to leave because you’re hungry, The Swedish Ikea guys say “We have meatballs!” And the part that this story made me think of was the part about trying to buy a barstool, but you have to write the name of the barstool down with a golf pencil, and it’s not called a barstool, the name goes something like f….l….l…l…o with a dot over it…aaaa! and you ask how much for the barstool and the Swedish guy goes “That’s not a barstool!” It’s much funnier when the comedian does it, but I can’t remember what the hell his name is, so I can’t look him up!

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