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Last Updated on: 26th March 2014, 02:58 pm

Damn it. Just when I thought the Trixie abandonment dreams were over, here comes another one.

I dreamed I was home at mom and dad’s. Dad was yelling and insisting that we go shopping and eat out at this outdoor restaurant thingy even though it was cold outside and we had to bundle up to do it. I decided for some unknown reason to let Trixie out in mom and dad’s giant unfensed yard to play…and I didn’t go out with her. I went to call her a few minutes later, and quelle surprise, she was nowhere to be found.

all hell broke loose. I started hyperventilating. I started running in random directions in search of neighbours. Uh, mom and dad live out in the country. Even the closest neighbour is a couple minutes’ walk. But I just started running in random directions yelling for Trixie.

Every neighbour I happened to find didn’t want to help me. I was basically on my knees begging neighbours to help me find my guide dog. It was a pretty pathetic scene.

Then, by some miracle, a man had found her and called mom’s house. That’s pretty weird since the only tag with a phone number has the phone number for here in Guelph, well maybe there would be one with the guide dog school on it, but in dreamworld, he knew who to call. Once I knew she was ok, I was ecstatic….until I discovered noone wanted to drive me to his place to pick her up! then the begging started again! And Trixie went shukh in real life and the dream was over, and I was happy.

That dream was really scary because I did lose our pet dog in the yard for a little while years ago. She was really old and had gone blind, kinda deaf, and senile all pretty fast. So if you let her out, she would walk in circles. Then the circles would get bigger, and before you knew it, she had wandered away and she couldn’t find her way back. I can’t count the number of times mom or dad had lost her and had to get in the car or walk a long ways to find her. She had stopped letting us knnow that she had to go to the bathroom, so you just had to take her out every so often and stay right with her.

so I was alone with her and it was time to take her out. Stupid me didn’t think to ask mom where her collar was and slap tags on her, nor did I ask mom where the leash was. Oh no. That was very dumb. But I didn’t do that, and I let her out. I was following her ticking toenails…or so I thought. then I realized the ticking was a leaf being blown in circles by the wind. She was nowhere to be found. I circled the outside of the house twice, and I couldn’t even call her because she was deaf. by the second circle I was starting to plan what I was going to do…and thenI found her. I was never so happy to see her in all my life. She was a little toy poodle and I scooped her up and brought her inside.

Ok, brain, I’ve had Trixie for this long and I have never abandoned or neglected her. Why would I have another dream like that? Feel free to stop creating these monsters.

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