Goin’ On A Hunt Hunt!….Gonna Catch A Drunk One!

Ooo! A River! Can’t go around it….Gotta go through it! Ah crap, this isn’t my house…

Seriously, this story has me asking so many questions. Paul Hunt was having a good time and managed to get kicked out of a bar. so he went to a house party and drank some more. Then I guess he decided that he’d had enough, which judging by this story was a fair assessment. so he started to bike home. He took a trail which was supposed to lead to his house…but oh it didn’t. At its end was “a river and some buildings” according to his 911 call. He waded into the water, then came back out, then decided he should take a nap. After waking up and having no earthly clue where he was, he called 911 and said he needed help. they were able to triangulate his location thanks to his cellphone service provider, and some police picked up a very wet and muddy Paul Hunt. They found he had about double the legal limit of alcohol in his system, gave him a ticket for being drunk in public and drove him home.

Ok, here come the questions. first, how similar were these trails and how long were they? I mean, I would think if you’re biking down a trail that doesn’t look anything like the one you’re supposed to be on, you’d start to notice and turn around before you’re in the water.

Second, did he wade into the water, or did he just fall in? Did he say he waded in to make himself look a little less dopy than he already did?

Third, if he was so drunk that he got that messed up, how the hell did he manage to ride his bike that whole way without just falling off?

Fourth, when he ended up in the water, did he just think his basement was flooded or something?

Finally, why in hell did he decide to take a nap? Did he think he was lost before or after the nap?

When he sobers up this time, he’s going to hope that whole police scooping him up at the river was a dream. then he’ll look in his pocket, see the ticket and realize that it definitely was not.

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