So He Brought Down the Hammer!

Last Updated on: 28th August 2018, 05:53 pm

Why is this even in the news? I read through that whole story looking for the part where something newsworthy happened and never found it. A 13-year-old girl had a cellphone and it wasn’t supposed to be able to do text messages. It could, and text she did, all day for a month while she was at school. Her grades took a giant poop, and the parents got a $4000 bill for all those texts that weren’t included in the plan. So, dear old dad took ye old hammer to ye old cellphone and she was grounded until the end of school. And you can even see the smashed cellphone.

So? If I had a cellphone and did that while I was growing up, I’m sure bad things would have happened to it. it might not have been a hammer. I might have had to give my cellphone to someone else with the words “mom and dad said I couldn’t handle a cellphone, so I’m giving it to you.” That’s just, um, parenting. It isn’t a news story. Or maybe it is because everyone would rather live the consensual living way.

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