Peekaboo, I’m Turning Blue

Last Updated on: 30th October 2020, 02:16 pm

Gees. Somebody’s thinking was a little muddy that day. It all started when a homeless guy asked an 81-year-old woman for a dollar. she said no, and he didn’t like that answer, so he put her in a headlock and tried to take her down. She was not going to go quietly, and kicked, screamed and sent him running. He ran to the edge of a lake, and said to some folks who were sitting there, “You didn’t see me.” Then he jumped in. That would be the last stupid act he would ever commit. Divers pulled his body out an hour or so later.

What was he thinking? Was he going to stay hidden there until the cops were gone, and things just took too long and he ran out of air?

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