The Customer Is Always Right, Unless He’s Missing His Right Arm

Last Updated on: 17th December 2014, 03:32 pm

Here’s an example of stupid policies gone wild. A man walked into a Burger King and ordered a Whopper. He asked them to cut it in half for him, because he only has one arm. After the kid serving him looked at his manager, the response was “No we can’t. It’s against policy. but here, have a plastic knife.” Are these people stupid? If he could do it himself with a plastic knife, he wouldn’t be asking you, ya dumbshits. The guy was left to eat the burger by letting it fall apart. Way to strip away his dignity.

Apparently, the reason they wouldn’t cut the whopper was out of fear, fear that they’ll be fired if they break company policy. Here’s the company rationale for not cutting burgers in half.

“That’s our policy, not to cut the sandwich. We want to keep the employees safe so they don’t cut themselves and for the customers, too.
The less you mess around with the customer’s food, the better.”

Wait wait wait. You want to keep employees safe from cutting themselves. But some of them just cooked it, ya know, with hot oil and stuff that could burn them. How come they now can’t be trusted with a knife, probably a plastic knife? Amazingly, this did not take place in the UK.

There was one saving grace in this story. The director of operations said that the employees should have used common sense and cut the burger, and if he had have been there, he would have cut it himself.

What a horrible way to treat a customer. I’m sure he won’t be back there to eat another whopper after that.

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