This is a scary sign of the times. Because we’re sooo busy that we can’t make it out for lunch, Heinz has invented the beanzawave. What is it? A tiny microwave oven that you can hook up to a USB port on a laptop that uses radio frequencies to cook your food…so you never have to leave your desk again.

I’ve got another cool invention. It’s called a break. Using the break, you can get away from your desk, get some exercise, refresh your mind, and when you return to your desk, you’ll be far more productive.

As an aside, I love the other uses they think this thing would have. They say you could bring it on a plane with you and just hook it up to your laptop. Uh, yeah, because security will be so totaly ok with you bringing a small microwave oven on a plane with you.

Um, eek. I don’t have any more words.

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