Texting A Landline Just Got dumber

Last Updated on: 4th October 2014, 04:34 pm

Wow. I just learned something else about that rogers Wireless txt 2 Landline service. Not only is it cumbersome, it’s cumbersome and it costs dough.

I mentioned in that message that I got a thank you message with the message I sent. I thought I’d read the whole thing, but then I read it later on. It said “There is no surcharge for this message. A premium of $0.15 will be charged for each subsequent message.”

So…I get to pay for this inconvenience. I know it’s only the cost of a text message if you dont’ have a plan, but still. You’re paying for that crazy runaround. Here’s a piece of advice. Next time you get the urge to text a landline, just don’t. Call the landline and be done with it.

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