Boy, What A Picture, What A Photograph…

Last Updated on: 12th June 2018, 07:57 am

Yesterday, I asked how bad the guy looked who took a few deadly punches from the retired boxer whose house he tried to burgle. Jill didn’t disappoint. Here is her description, a fine description I must say.

Okay, you asked – his “before” picture is of an average good looking young man with a devilish grin on a slim taut face. His “after” picture is unrecognizable. If it had been a car accident, he’d have had to hit the steering wheel with his face and then go through the windshield with his face leading the way. The left side of his face is swollen to twice the size of the right side, which is also swollen. The before photo shows thin lips. In the after, his lower lip is cut in two places, bleeding and badly swollen. One cut looks like it’s more of a chunk missing than a slice or a rip. The before photo showed a lip ring in the center of his lower lip. Not sure if it’s still there in the after picture. If it is, it’s embedded in the swelling which looks terribly painful. His upper lip is also badly swollen. It looks like he may have lost some teeth from the lower jaw. If not, the teeth are so completely covered with blood and swollen flesh that they look like a black hole. His left eye is nearly closed from the dark purple and black swelling. Both lids are drooping. His once narrow nose is puffy and distorted. His mother would have a hard time identifying him. If that’s how he looked at arrest time, I can’t even imagine how he must have looked hours later. At least he’s suffering for his crime.

Um, wow. That’s quite the pounding. But that’s what he gets for breaking in with a big knife.

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