>Some Dvorak Tutorials

Last Updated on: 24th April 2012, 09:21 pm

>Yesterday I said I was looking for some Dvorak tutorials. It appears I have found some. These aren’t half bad. Check out some of the sentences one can construct with just the Dvorak home row:

Tina is on hiatus instead
The statue is sent to Santa Anita
This session is tedious on the tendons
That Thai dish is intense on the sinuses
Onions stain satin so use this Tide on this
Dan Addison detonated the thousandth headstone
Estonian nationhood is a notion hidden in Asia
The tennis enthusiast hides the dots on his hands
Otis said that sand is the seed that Isis sent us
Ted Austin insinuated that Tunisia is in Indonesia
The Dissonant in the ninth edition hits on the Saudis
I insist that Adenine is in DNA and that andesine is not
Deanna and Eddie suntanned on the Tahitian seaside oasis
Indiana and Ohio do not need donated tissues and headsets
The attendant initiated an intense sound that suited Odessa
The dodo added nine and nineteen and attained nine thousand
Duane nodded to his sis as he situated his sedan in the shade
Dennis Hudson is hidden in a distant Tunisian hashish hideout
Nina and Dana hit the astonished attendee on the head in unison
Auntie Edith tends to hint that Edna heeds the ideas due to Satan
The idea that nineteen studious Dadaists assisted Einstein is asinine

Sure beats “Dad had a flag,” eh?

I’m still not that fast, although I have moments of decent speed. Well, You know what they say about Rome not being built in a day.

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