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Last Updated on: 20th September 2016, 02:52 pm

I have to tell a little story. I wonder if the guy in the story happens to be Anthony Korazco and since this story happened, he had since relocated to Brownsville, Texas.

One night, Steve came down to meet a friend of ours outside the apartment building. While waiting for the cab, a guy came out of the building, walked up to Steve and launched straight into “Hey, want some pot?” Steve said no. He then asked, “Want some coke? Maybe some E? I’ve got lots of stuff.” Steve said he didn’t want anything, while chuckling to himself that this was a pretty weird way to look for customers. He proceeded to tell Steve what apartment he lived in if he ever changed his mind. Just then the cab pulled up with Steve’s friend in it. Our friendly neighbourhood drug dealer trotted right over to the cab and tried to sell to our friend and the cabby! Like dude, you’re not selling school chocolate bars. After they said no, he looked back at Steve to be sure he didn’t need anything, and then skipped off into the night yelling that it was time to go to work, announcing his apartment number in case anyone needed anything.

The reason I tell this story is when I read the news story about a drunken Anthony Korazco going door to door in an apartment building trying to sell pot until he knocked on a cop’s door and got promptly arrested, I couldn’t help but think of our stupid fellow apartment dweller. I don’t even know if he lives here anymore. Maybe he moved to Texas. If it’s him, he sure didn’t learn anything along the way from here to there.

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