I’m Drunk, Here’s Why.

Last Updated on: 9th July 2018, 12:59 pm

Some of us may remember a certain epic comment thread which started because of a certain post on a certain other blog. Then things changed course, and during the course of the comment thread, this post got mentioned, at which time Steve made up the following drinking game:

Rules are simple. One function, one drink. the word functions also counts for a drink. If she uses a variation like functional or functioning, that’s 2.

So Ro had to go and make a function post of her own. And Steve and I played the game. And now…well…I’m quite tipsy. Yup, I’m a cheap, cheap, cheapcheapcheap drunk.

I left a comment containing the results of the game. It will see the light of day when she finishes approving it. I’m amazed I can write this.

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