Mr. Safety’s Bowling Alley

Last Updated on: 27th March 2020, 02:53 pm

Paul and Storm wrote a song about this, but I never thought I’d see it come true. Well, if it’s going to come true anywhere, It would be in the UK.

Now, the Health and Safety Executive determined that bowling alleys are dangerous! They have decided that John Q. Public must be protected from his own twisted desire to walk down the lanes and knock down the pins with his hands, even though noone has done that, ever. They first wanted to erect barriers with little holes to put the ball through, but soon realized that that would mean bowlers couldn’t see the pins to aim at them. So, they have recommended installing photoelectric beams that will stop the pinsetters if someone comes near them. They have been installed, and have never had to spring into action.

They also said that staff must wear earmuffs because of the loud noise.

How friggin ridiculous!

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