The Kid’s Head’s Spinning And The Hamster’s Dead

Last Updated on: 14th January 2016, 08:42 am

After reading this story of a mother forcing her son to kill his hamster because of bad grades, That Jebb Fink bit doesn’t seem nearly so cruel.

My daughter’s hamster died. I figured its a life lesson right? So she comes in very upset and asks “Why did he die, what’d I do wrong, is it my fault?” As a loving father I had to say, “Yes it’s your fault. Your hamster died because you didn’t eat your broccoli.”

I couldn’t find a video, so that’ll have to do.

But what kind of a horrible woman does this to her kid? I’m glad he told his teacher. Mommy is now in jail. There’s no word about whether or not dad is around or who’s taking care of the kid now, but I can only hope it’s a better person than one that would make her kid kill a poor little hamster with a hammer as consequences for his bad grades.

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