Something Is Issuing From An Asshole For Sure

Last Updated on: 15th July 2014, 07:54 am

If this question is for real, this mother and daughter pair are an interesting set.

According to this question written to a Dr. Paul Donohue, a woman says her daughter told her to stop farting because her farts were contributing to global warming! So, essentially, she was calling her mother a cow!

Two things: Was she serious? This sounds like a joke, and if she seriously thought this, she’s one messed up woman. She’d better come to terms with the fact that her own exhalations are contributing to greenhouse gases. Stop breathing, stop breathing right now!

And the mom believed this and honestly asked this question? Oh my my my. I worry about the mom. What else does she straight up believe?

Wow. I like the doctor’s response.

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