I See A Dumbass In This Lawsuit

I think Dane Chan is John Rempel stupid. Just read this little excerpt and see if you agree.

The 36-year-old Upper West Side woman says she first went to Mitchell’s lair — Zena Psychic on Seventh Avenue South at Bleecker Street — in October 2008, when she was down in the dumps over problems at work and a recent breakup.

During Chan’s first, $20 reading, she was “told that she would ‘live long’ and that [her] ‘family was useless,’ ” the suit says.

Chan, a restaurant worker, returned the following February. And for $60, Mitchell had her “hold a crystal wand for approximately three minutes” and again found she would “live long” and that her “family was useless.”

Mitchell allegedly then told Chan she urgently needed to start “removing blockages” to improve her life — a service Mitchell could provide for $500.

A week later, Mitchell told Chan to make a “prayer list” with her “desires and goals for the future,” which was to be wrapped in nine $100 bills and put into a jar filled halfway with water and a dollop of spit, the suit says.

Chan was instructed to put the jar under her pillow and sleep in a white nightgown for that week.

She returned to Mitchell, who grabbed the jar, “ran it up and down” Chan’s body and disappeared.

When she re-emerged, the water was red, which she attributed to the “purged” impurities.

Chan then asked for the cash back, but Mitchell refused to hand it over — and told her she had to redo the ceremony again, this time with new $100 bills, or else her “future fortune would not change.”

A week later, Mitchell called Chan “in a frantic state,” asking how much money she could put on her credit card because she “needed ‘supplies’ to finish cleansing [her] future,” the suit says. The seer allegedly went to a Ralph Lauren store for a clothes shopping spree, ringing up two $4,733 charges.

and only then did Chan think “Hmmm, something’s a little fishy, I think I’m gonna sue.”

This woman had a zillion chances to stop this madness. Any normal person *might* have come back for the second visit, realized they got the same info for $60 as they did for $20 and went “Well that was disappointing. Well I guess I won’t come back to her again.” Not this chick. She just kept forkin’ over the dough, forkin’ and forkin’ and forkin’ it over.

I guess Sylvia Mitchell was telling the truth when she said that if Chan didn’t repeat the ceremony, her fortune wouldn’t change. Yup, if you’re talking financial fortune, it wouldn’t change in a negative direction because she’d still have the money that Mitchell wanted to take from her.

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