I Wouldn’t Know Where To Set Damages, But She Sure Has Been Damaged

The story of a kid suing the county for making her live with her sex-offender grandfather is beyond confusing, and makes me wonder if there will be a similar case in Australia in a few years because of those girls being made to spend weekends with their sex-offender father.

Here’s what the story says happened. When this little girl was 6 years of age, her father said her mother was unfit, so he wanted primary custody of the little girl. But the dad himself was living with his parents, and was worried that his father was a danger to her, as he had been convicted of sexually molesting another girl. They granted him custody, and said that if the grandfather spent any time with the girl, it needed to be supervised. That didn’t work out so well, and she endured 10 years of abuse. Now, she’s suing, and so she should.

First, why would you take custody of your kid when you yourself weren’t in a safe place either? I mean, if you’re going to say mom couldn’t handle the kid, you’d better have a place where she would be better off. You don’t take her from the frying pan and throw her into the fire.

And, if you knew it wasn’t safe, why would you stay there for 10 years? I could perhaps maybe understand if you were busy finding a new place to live, and to avoid having your kid taken into foster care, you might have to live with your dad for a week or two, maybe. But even that is a stretch. How could he knowingly stay there for 10 years?

Why do we bother having a sex-offender registry if the courts don’t even take it seriously? I hope she gets a whole ton of money, even though it won’t help her to heal.

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