Buckbuckbuckbuckbuckbuck…What A Crock!

Last Updated on: 27th January 2020, 08:58 am

Thanks, Ann, for this one.

republican candidate Sue Lowden of Nevada must be living under a rock to say this in all seriousness. She thinks people should barter and haggle with their doctors to pay their medical bills. The main examples of bartering she suggested were to give the doctor a chicken in exchange for medical treatment, or offer to paint their house.

Yeah, because that’s going to work today. Will the bank take his chicken and turn it into money? Honestly? Is the doctor going to know what to do with a goddamn chicken? And what if I, for example, needed medical care in Nevada? I don’t think the doctor wants me painting his house, and I certainly don’t have a chicken. Some of us don’t have much that the doctor could need. And some of us need medical care because we’re ya know, really sick. Are you going to ask a terminal cancer patient to work off his debt?

I highly doubt that if Lowden needed to see a doctor, she would need to pay him in chickens. That’s the part that really makes me mad. She would never end up following her own advice. And she’s gotten the most votes. Eek. I’m frightened.

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