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Last Updated on: 21st February 2014, 08:55 am

I have a question for the people who do the scheduling for Major League Baseball. why is it that the Blue Jays never seem to play home games on long holiday weekends? I’m sure that there are complexities involved with pulling dates out of one’s ass that I don’t understand (that is how you guys do this isn’t it?), but doesn’t it seem kind of stupid to you that Canada’s only major league team is always somewhere else when it should be here? Think of the money you’re not making. Everybody loves a good game on a nice day, and think of the ad revenue your TV and radio partners could be raking in based on all of the extra people who would surely be watching and listening at home if the games were played at a decent goddamn hour. We Canadians have all this extra afternoon time to catch a game, but instead this weekend our team is out on the west fucking coast playing at weird ass hours, and for what? Is Victoria Day an American holiday? No. what about Canada Day? No, but that day the Jays are on the road playing the Indians. How about Sit In A Lawn Chair And Scratch Your Nuts Day or whatever the hell that long weekend in August is called? Again not an American holiday, but it might as well be since the Jays will be busy hopefully beating the Yankees that day. At least in July and August the games are during the afternoon and it looks like we get a bone thrown our way on Labour Day in the form of a 1:07 PM home start against Texas, but this weekend is ridiculous. the only day game we get is today at 4. Tomorrow on the actual holiday things don’t get underway until 10 PM. What the hell is that? We have 1 team up here, that’s all. One damn team. Why can’t we have it when it would do us the most good? And blue Jays Management, why are you allowing this to go on? Shouldn’t you be fighting for home games just as hard or even harder than the fans? Or is what people say true, that you really couldn’t give less of a fuck about the customer experience if you tried?

On a happier note, today is going to be a good day. The sun is shining and we have our 1 scrap of afternoon ball, and the plan is to take full advantage of it. Drinks will be flowing and what I hope will be some mighty homemade burgers will be consumed. The pool at our building is even open now so we can use that if we’d like, but I’m not sure I will. It’ll probably still be way too cold for me, damn Feverfew. By the way, does anybody else take that stuff and have that problem? I used to be able to handle the cold really well, but now it goes right through me even when it’s not that bad. Oh well, I’d rather that than week long migraines. Anyway, I digress. However you’re spending your long weekend, have fun. and if you don’t have a long weekend to celebrate, enjoy some baseball in your own park and time zone.

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