On Prediction Games And Bryan Danielson

Last Updated on: 3rd January 2017, 08:49 am

I’m not sure if there’s 1 show left or if it’s 2, but either way, the pay-per-view prediction game is quickly reaching its end.

When last I updated, I had 42 points. There were 5 matches counted for this past Sunday’s Fatal Four Way show (you gotta love it when the company can’t be bothered to come up with a full card ahead of time), and I did what I tend to do, got 3 of them right, moving myself to 45 and into a tie with 11 other people. Speaking of ties, there is a more traditional 2 way tie for the lead, which is 52. And just because it’s fun to point out how awesome I am mostly since I don’t get many chances to do it, I did better than both of those guys. I picked 3 correctly, while both of them only managed 2. Woo, go me!

Poor old Ryan S. is still more concerned with setting his consecutive months of wasting his $10 by not sending in picks record and is therefore still at 4. Woo, go him!

Now for a few brief thoughts on the show.

It was certainly better than Over The Limit though that wouldn’t take much, and I can’t say there was a bad match all night.

The 4 way matches were what you would expect and nothing to write home about, but that has more to do with WWE over doing them and guys usually working them the same way every time than the matches themselves being average. I was not expecting Rey Mysterio to win the Smackdown title, so that was a nice surprise. Hopefully they treat him a lot better than they did the first time he won the thing and for that matter, better than they treated Jack Swagger this time. I did call Sheamus winning the Raw belt, and I liked how it was done. The NXT season 1 guys started raising hell in the arena like they’ve been doing the last couple of weeks, and they wind up beating the stuffings out of John Cena and Edge. But the bell never rings to end the match, so Sheamus sneaks back into the ring and takes advantage of the situation and pins Cena to win.

Speaking of the NXT guys, those sure were some loud Daniel Bryan chants throughout the night, weren’t they? And on that subject since I haven’t talked about it, this has to rank up there as one of the stupidest things WWE has done in years. As if firing perhaps the best wrestler in the entire world wasn’t bad enough, firing him because he choked a guy with his own tie on a wrestling broadcast and that’s too violent because we’re PG now makes it even worse. But wait, it gets better. Choking a guy with his own tie goes against an obscure we can’t do anything that might remind people of Chris Benoit rule that the company apparently has, yet it’s ok for certain guys to use his crossface move, and John Cena can go on TV and call the NXT guys a group of radicals. Pop quiz: What was the name of the 4 man group that Benoit was a part of when he came to the WWF from WCW in 2000? If you said The Radicalz, you win. Oh,and best of luck in your future endeavours. and while we’re at it, choking a guy with his own tie equals a firin’, but taking a 50-something-year-old stroke victim hostage and driving him like a maniac into a bunch of parked cars is no big deal? Ok, just wanted to make sure I had that clear. If I’m Bryan Danielson or Daniel Bryan or whatever you want to call him, I’m not sure if I’d even want to go back once WWE realizes they’ve made a huge mistake.

Getting back to the show and on a more positive note, the best match of the evening was without question Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne. It was another one of those nice surprises since it wasn’t announced ahead of time. The thing I liked most about it was that it wasn’t worked like your typical formulaic WWE match. It reminded me more of one of those technical type cruiserweight matches we used to get back in the day. If you don’t watch anything else, watch that. For a few minutes it made me forget how stupid wrestling has become.

The rest of the show was pretty decent, but I don’t really have a whole lot to say about it. I won’t say you must fork over your $40 immediately for the replay, but if a copy happens to fall into your hands or you pick up the DVD when it comes out you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Speaking of being disappointed, I think I’ll end this post here, get some breakfast and watch Raw. Talk to you all soon.

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