Last Updated on: 30th April 2020, 09:28 am

Hey there nice trucker guy who is sitting idling in a parking lot, apparently waiting for me to step off the curb and cross it. Can I come talk to you? I need to explain something to you.

I really appreciate the gesture of you waiting for me so I can cross, but we have a wee bit of a communication breakdown here. You see, I don’t know you’re waiting for me, and I know it’s not a safe assumption to make that that truck is going to wait for me, so I don’t make it. Maybe you can’t see me, and as soon as I step off, you could decide to start moving, and then I’m left doing some evasive manoeuvres. .

You may have pointed at me and waved me on, but I can’t see you waving and/or pointing. So, the two of us are in a constant state of “you go ahead.” “No, you go ahead.” “No, really, you should go.” “No, I’m waiting for you!” And unless someone tells me that you’re waving me on, I’ll never know. It’s doubly hard since you’re so far away from me that I would never hear you yell “Go!” even if you did.

Second, your big rumbling rig is actually masking the sounds of other cars who may not be as courteous as you, big ol’ trucker man. So, while I’m standing there noticing that you’re not moving, I can’t hear the other cars around you. So I’m still nervous to set off.

Please understand that I’m not trying to shoot down your courtesy. I wish all drivers were as cool as you. But we need to figure out a solution, because I think a lot of us blinks feel the same way as I do. Hmmm. Maybe, if I haven’t stepped off, then don’t worry about waiting for me. The faster your big truck is gone from the parking lot, the better I’ll feel about stepping out. I could wave you on, but it’s hard for me to judge that you aren’t waiting for something else. After all, you’re driving a big ol’ truck, and big ol’ trucks have a harder time getting out on the road. Of course, if I’m in the middle, watch out for me, as you probably already do, because you’re cool like that.

I hope you understand what I’m getting at. On behalf of blinks everywhere, thanks again for being a careful driver.


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