A Friendly Suggestion For The Folks On The Radio End Of The Home Run Derby

I’ve got a novel idea for you guys. Instead of cutting away and interviewing people every 30 seconds, how’s about oh, I dunno, actually calling the fucking home run derby? Seriously, this radio broadcast is god awful to the point where I might be forced to switch to the TV coverage, and we all know that I’dreally rather not do that.

I have to wonder if the people producing this have ADD or something. Is it honestly that hard to stick with somebody’s at bat from start to finish so that the listener actually knows what in hell is going on? Remember, radio doesn’t have the benefit of a split screen like TV does. When you don’t tell me what’s going on on the field, I have no way to know. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to know how Evan Longoria and Ubaldo JimĂ©nez are feeling, but it’d be a lot nicer if I could find out between hitters, thank you very much. All of this sending it downstairs and upstairs and over to you and back to the booth is making me dizzy. Please, for the love of Pete, stop it!

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