Oh Baby, What I Wouldn’t Give For A Beer Right Now

Last Updated on: 26th February 2015, 03:01 pm

A 24-year-old Massachusetts man is in trouble with the police and hopefully his significant other after he allegedlytried to trade his 3-month-old daughter to a maintenance man in exchange for 2 1.1 litre beers outside of a gas station convenience store while the baby’s mother was inside buying cigarettes.

Fortunately, either because he’s a good man and chose to use some common sense or because he’s one tough negotiator and was playing hardball in the hopes of trading up to a toddler and some draft picks, the maintenance man refused the deal and called police.

When officers arrived, they found Matthew Brace hiding with his baby behind a trash can. They didn’t arrest him on the spot which strikes me as a little odd, but they did charge him with reckless endangerment of a child and schedule him a court date.

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