>Behind Every Fruity Vodka, There’s A Fruity Man?

Last Updated on: 24th April 2012, 12:20 pm

>I really wish I had the shooter’s name for this story, because everyone needs to know that if they find themselves at a party with this fellow, they shouldn’t, under any circumstances, make fun of his sexuality. If they do, he will turn into a gun-wielding maniac.

This guy came to a party uninvited, which didn’t set things off on a good foot from the beginning. Then, people were making fun of him for bringing a bottle of sparkling vodka called Nuvo, saying it looked like a lipstick cap. He would not stand for this, not one little bit, so left the party, and came back with a pistol, which he started firing. He’s sent one dude to hospital after shooting him in the lower abdomen.

And this happened on Gunsmoke Drive. I’m sure there was some serious gunsmoke after that.

I hope they catch the guy who did this. I bet jail will be an even bigger punishment for him than the ordinary guy. On top of all that lack of freedom stuff, he’ll be constantly afraid that his cell-mate might be after his ass, and that’ll be too much!

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