Dear 570News

Thanks a bunch for trying to ruin my day of baseball yesterday. You ultimately failed, but nice try.

All was fine in the afternoon. The weather was beautiful, the birds were singing, the drinks were cold, the sounds of children playing echoed through the sunny afternoon air, and my portable radio and I were enjoying the sounds of Blue Jays baseball thanks to you, 570News. In short, it was almost a perfect day. Heck, the Jays even won! All was indeed right with the world.

Between games, I ventured inside and made what I must say turned out to be a pretty decent macaroni salad. A salad that Carin and I planned to enjoy while 570News brought us the second half of the Blue Jays day night doubleheader against the Tigers as we sat in the cool evening air.

So what do you suppose happened, 570News? What do you suppose happened? Perhaps a better question than that would be who’s fault do you suppose what happened was? I know you know the answers to those questions, but out of shame I know you’ll never answer them. So for the benefit of everybody else, I’ll answer them for you.

For reasons only a dim witted radio executive could possibly comprehend, you didn’t bring us the sounds of Blue Jays baseball as we sat in the cool evening air, did you, 570News? NO, you didn’t. What you gave us instead was a heaping helping of horrible courtesy of that god awful Fox Sports Radio you insist on broadcasting on weekends and during week day overnights. I really wish you’d stop that, but more importantly, I wish you’d stop disrespecting the Jays. For crying out sideways, the Jays and you are both owned by Rogers, so there’s no excuse for what you did last night. there’s no excuse for not broadcasting the afternoon games during the week either, come to think of it. I’m sure Gary Doyle is quite a likeable fellow, but there’s no way his show is more important than a Jays game, and I bet he’d like a day off now and again too. Same goes for that endless afternoon news cycle you’ve got going on. That could easily be reduced to updates during the between inning breaks like you do the rest of the time. There’s really no need for traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the 1’s, much as you’d like to believe there is.

But I digress.

The point is that you ruined Sunday night baseball on a fantastic summer night for countless people yesterday, and if not for the fact that I paid the $20 for Gameday Audio back in spring training and my computer is in just the right spot and has good sound, you would have ruined it for me too.

Thanks for caring so much about your listeners and about Canada’s only major league baseball team, you fools.


An annoyed listener.

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