Weather Underground’s Braille Page

Last Updated on: 25th March 2020, 01:34 pm

I received this from a list I’m on. I tried it out, it’s pretty neat!

You know how a lot of pages for checking weather forecasts are cluttered with extra crap, graphics and tables? Well, this one isn’t. It’s text-based, so it’s great for mobile phones and us blinks.

Not only does it give you the weather, but it gives you times for the sunrise and set, the moon’s rise and set, and the phase of the moon! So, when the wackaloons come out of the woodwork and you wonder “Is it a full moon,” you can check! And it’s not just for the US. There are countries all around the world listed.

Woohoo, a simple way to check the weather. According to it, it should be nice and sunny today if Steve and I make it to Ribfest. Well, it’ll be nice and sunny if we don’t, but it’ll make good weather for wandering around Riverside Park eating ribs.

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