Protect Your Limbs, Not The Animals!

Last Updated on: 20th November 2017, 12:57 pm

Alexander Alcantare needs to learn from his mistakes, or one of his mistakes may kill him.

He’s an animal lover, and doesn’t sit back and wait for others to do what needs to be done. So when he saw an aligator with an arrow in its head, he thought he’d trap it and get it some medical help. That didn’t go so well, since a. he’s dealing with an aligator, and b. he only has one good arm. Why does he only have one good arm? Oh, because he lost his other arm rescuing a bird’s nest from some power lines. The gator bit his arm, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to lose it.

You see where I’m going? If he keeps this up, he’ll look like Billie from Rippy the Gator.

Sadly, because the gator bit his arm, it’s going to go the way of Poncho, and I feel even more sorry for this gator. The dude baited it, hooked it, and trapped it, and then it bit him! It was defending itself! Maybe the logic is once a gator bites a human, it will seek out more human blood, and that’s why they kill them, but gees, it doesn’t seem like it’s fair this time. I also find it ironic that the guy was trying to get some medical help for the gator, and what he got him was death.

And this guy has a pet raccoon too. Those beasts aren’t exactly cute and cuddly either. He next may be missing his nose.

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