From Cell Phone To Jail Cell

Last Updated on: 30th March 2016, 09:42 am

Man, rapists are getting dumber and dumber. We’ve talked about the guy who raped a girl, then came back an hour later and asked to be let back in, the one who gave his victim his phone number, and now Timothy West, who broke into a woman’s house, repeatedly raped her, then took her phone number and texted her and phoned her, asking if they could meet, and if she was mad at him. Mad is an understatement, buddy.

But she was smart, and agreed to meet him at a Duncan Donuts. The only thing was she didn’t mention the few boys in blue who would be meeting him as well.

Timothy West’s lawyer sounds like a total tool, a tool who will likely fail in defending his slimebag, er, client.

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