Hey! That’s Not A Dragon! Sure It Is, It’s Dragon On The Ground!

Last Updated on: 21st March 2014, 07:15 pm

Let this be a lesson to you all. Never, and I do mean never, get into an argument with the fellow who’s doing your tattoo. Well, not unless you wouldn’t mindhaving a 40CM penis on your back like this poor unidentified Australian does.

He wanted a yin and yang symbol with some dragons, but was instead shocked to discover the 40cm tattoo was of a penis with an obscene slogan.

The key word in the slogan was also misspelled.

The man now faces considerable cost to have the image removed.

Police said the tattooing followed an argument between the men, during which the tattooist allegedly took offence at something the other man said.

The victim has also alleged he was punched and thrown out of the house following the tattooing.

The 21-year-old amateur tattoo artist is due in court November 15th on 2 charges of assault occasioning bodily harm (article’s words, not mine) and another charge “relating to the public safety act” which I assume means he violated it.

And before anybody asks, I decided not to put a poor bastard tag on this because I don’t know what caused the argument. If he started it, it’s his own fault and he’s not so poor. Not saying I agree with what happened or anything, but there’s no way I’d trust a guy to write things on me after we’d been fighting.

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